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Master Cutting-Edge Techniques with Our Postgraduate Training Courses

about us

Master Cutting-Edge Techniques with Our Postgraduate Training Courses

"The Dermoaroma International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine stands as a beacon of excellence, nurturing the art and science of aesthetics. With a commitment to innovation and education, it cultivates skilled professionals who blend the beauty of art with the precision of medicine, reshaping the future of aesthetic care."

our story

Step into the captivating narrative of the Dermoaroma International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine, a saga woven from the threads of innovation, nature & unwavering commitment. Born from the visionary aspirations of its parent company, Dermoaroma, established in 2014, this institution embarked on a journey to redefine the contours of aesthetic care. Fuelled by a steadfast determination to craft treatments that seamlessly blend the prowess of technology with the healing essence of nature, Dermoaroma set out to rewrite the script of modern aesthetics.

The culmination of years of dedicated research & relentless pursuit of excellence manifested in a remarkable feat in 2022 – the registration of 14 groundbreaking patents in the domains of Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics. This was not just a testament to the company’s pioneering spirit but also a demonstration of its commitment to pushing the boundaries. Against this backdrop, DIAPAM was conceived, an institution designed to lead the path for the next generation of practitioners. Armed with a rich legacy of innovation & expertise, the academy stands as a beacon of enlightenment, equipping students to create beauty that resonates not just on the surface, but within the very essence of the human experience.

mission & Vision

The mission of DIAPAM is to cultivate a new generation of skilled practitioners who embody the fusion of scientific knowledge, artistic expression, and ethical values in the field of aesthetic medicine. Committed to the pursuit of excellence, we provide comprehensive education, hands-on training, and a rigorous curriculum that empowers students to deliver safe, innovative, and personalized aesthetic solutions.

Our vision is to be a global leader in practical aesthetic education, setting the gold standard for a harmonious blend of science, artistry, and ethical practice. We strive to create a community of practitioners who embrace diversity, innovation, and continuous learning, transforming the landscape of aesthetic medicine. Through our education and training, we aspire to contribute to a world where the pursuit of beauty is synonymous with compassion, expertise, and a commitment to holistic health.

our values


Courses led by highly experienced medical aesthetic consultants and GP practitioners with established practices.

Master Cutting-Edge Techniques

All courses feature the latest in aesthetic medicine and associated technology to achieve optimum results.


Practical courses to get real hands-on experience thats builds your confidence and skill levels. 

Elevate Your Aesthetic Medicine Expertise

Master Cutting-Edge Techniques with Our Postgraduate Training Courses!

About dermoAroma

In 2014 a group of forward thinking European scientists in collaboration with Dermoaroma Italy started conducting scientific experiments, followed by extensive clinical studies, with an ambition to discover efficient, safe and sustainable solutions to amplify natural healing processes in the human body.

It took 8 years of meticulous scientific research and development to come up with the AMPLEX Plus Technology, a powerful synergy of nature fused with applied sciences.

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