Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull

Medical Aesthetic Consultant & Director




Mangalore University


25 years

Board certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine ( AAAM ), Dr Anoob is a Medical Aesthetic Consultant based in the United Kingdom. His practice is based at Harley Street Specialist Hospital, London alongside clinics in the North of England.

He leverages his medical expertise to offer a wide range of safe, state-of-the -art and medical grade aesthetic treatments. His background is having spent 25 years as an Anaesthetist in the NHS.

He has undergone Aesthetic training in the UK and Internationally obtaining the Diploma in Aesthetics from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Anoob also conducts training courses for aspiring practitioners and is a Director of a training academy with courses on Micro-needling, PRP and the novel use of Exosomes.

He is also a recognised Key Opinion Leader ( KOL ) and the brand ambassador for Dermoaroma and AQ skin solutions respectively. He is a member of the British Society of Aesthetic Examiners and Assessors ( BSAEA ). He has contributed and published articles in International journals on several topics within the field of Medical Aesthetics. Most recent publication is on Meso-tox and its application in practice.

Associations: British Society of Aesthetic Examiners and Assessors (BSAEA)

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