Dr. Soumiya Djebbar

Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Dr Soumiya Djebbar

University of Manchester


11 years

Dr. Soumia is a highly skilled Medical Aesthetic practitioner who originally qualified as a dental surgeon from the prestigious University of Manchester, UK in 2012.

She gained invaluable experience working for the NHS in dental practice and within hospitals, where she honed her expertise in minor oral surgery, soft tissue surgery of the head and neck, dental and facial trauma, and the management of medically complex patients.

Dr. Soumia is passionate about staying up to date with the latest innovations and technologies in medical aesthetics. She has a keen interest in providing and promoting biostimulators in hair and skin rejuvenation, such as PRP, growth factors, and the new era of Exosomes. Her primary objective is to offer compassionate and personalised care to help her patients achieve their desired appearance and feel their best.

Dr. Soumia’s unique background and dedication to her craft make her an exceptional practitioner in the field of medical aesthetics.

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